Sunday, March 25, 2012

2012 Iowa Horse Jamboree

Team Howard County - 2012 Iowa Horse Jamboree, Iowa State University
Team Howard County did a great job at the 2012 Iowa 4H Horse Jamboree in Ames March 24th & 25th.

Congratulations participants on all your hard work!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

4H Horse Judging Results - Ellsworth Equestrian Center Nov. 5th, 2011

Congratulations, Team Howard County!  Below are the results from this year's 4H Horse Judging Competition:

         - Individuals
             - 2nd place - Thea Hartzell
              - 6th place - Skye Meinecke
              - 10th place - Hallie Frohn
         - Teams
              - 1st place - Howard County Team 1 (Abby Kennon, Thea Hartzell, Skye Meinecke)
              - 5th place - Howard County Team 2 (Kristin Reicks, McKenzie Mork, Hallie Frohn)
        - Indiviudals
            - 3rd place - Thea Hartzell
            - 4th place - Abby Kennon
        - Teams
            - 1st place - Howard County Team 1 (Anny Kennon, Thea Hartzell, Skye Meinecke)
        - Individuals
             - 1st place - McKenzie Mork
             - 3rd place (tie) - Kristin Reicks, Hallie Frohn
         - Individuals
               - 2nd place - Thea Hartzell
               - 5th place - Abby Kennon
               - 9th place - Skye Meinecke
          - Teams
                 - 1st - Howard County Team 1 (Abby Kennon, Thea Hartzell, Skye Meinecke)

          - Individuals
                 - 1st place - Brady Foster
                 - 7th place - Morgan Franzen
          - Teams
                 - 4th place - Howard County Senior Team (Brady Foster, Morgan Franzen, Steph Reicks, Emi Frohn)
           - Individuals
                  - 7th place - Brady Foster
           - Teams
                  - 4th place - Howard County Senior Team (Brady Foster, Morgan Franzen, Steph Reicks, Emi Frohn)
          - Individuals
                   - 3rd place - BradyFoster
                   - 8th place - Emi Frohn
          - Teams
                   - 3rd place - Howard County Senior Team (Brady Foster, Morgan Franzen, Steph Reicks, Emi Frohn)

2011 4H Howard County Horse Judging Team

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Horse Judging Practice to Start SOON.....

The first 4H Horse Judging Competition is Saturday November 5th in Iowa Falls.  That's only a little over 2 months from now!!!  Yikes!

Below is the schedule for practices.  We hope to see everyone there as much as possible and bring friends -- the more people we have from Howard County....the more fun!!

  • Thursday 9/8 at 6:00 pm at the Farm Bureau office
  • Thursday 9/15 at 6:00 pm at the Extension office
  • Thursday 9/22 at 6:00 pm at the Extension office
  • Thursday 10/6 at 6:00 pm at the Extension office
  • Thursday 10/13 at 6:00 pm at the Extension office
  • Thursday 10/20 at 6:00 pm at the Extension office
  • TUESDAY 10/25 at the 6:00 pm at the Extension office
  • Thursday 11/3 at 6:00 pm at the Extension office

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fair Countdown!

Last night was the last Horse Workout session.  A big THANK YOU to the Grover family for hosting everyone at their new indoor arena.  It's a great space!!!  And it's a good thing we were all there and not outdoors when the thunderstorm and hail passed by.

Fair is less than a week away.  Here are some important dates to remember if you are showing your horse at the Mighty Howard County Fair next week:

  • Tuesday 6/21 from 4:00-8:00 is Livestock Entry
    • Plan to arrive early so that the veterinarian can check your horse in and you have time to get your horse settled in it's new stall for the week
    • Remember to wear your 4H t-shirt.  Pictures will be taken of you and your horse.  This picture will be given to the winning bid for you and your horse at Sunday's Ribbon Auction
  • Wednesday 6/22, starting at 10:00 am is the Howard County 4H Horse Pleasure Show
  • Thursday 6/23, starting at 11:30 is the Howard County 4H Horse Judging Competition
  • Saturday 6/25, starting at noon is the Howard County 4H Horse Games Show
  • Sunday 6/26, starting at noon is the Ribbon Auction
Below, on the previous post, is a great list of all of the things that you might need for your horse while it's at fair.  A big THANKS to Brettyn Grover for putting this list together and making sure that everyone involved in the Horse Project has a copy.

And a GREAT BIG THANKS to all of the Horse Project Leaders and participants.  Howard County has a very strong program and that can only be attributed to all the wonderful, hard working, dedicated people involved.  So give yourselves all a hand and let's get ready for a FUN Fair Week!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fair Supply List

This is a Horse Supply list for fair of what to bring.  You may add more to your supply stash.  Also, a Horse Stall sign is included.

  • Fan
  • Extension cord
  • Horse Stall sign
  • Feed, Hay
  • Water Buckets/feed buckets
  • Brushes/curry combs
  • Conditioner/Shampoo
  • Show Sheen
  • Fly Spray
  • No fake tails
  • Hoof Black/gloss
  • Saddles
  • Bridels
  • Hay bags
  • Show halters for halter & showmanship
  • Closed toe cowboy boots
  • White button up shirt
  • 4-H Chevron armband
  • 4-H t-shirt (for Saturday's Games show only)
  • Helmet and hat
Horse Stall Sign:
  • Horse picture
  • Name of Horse
  • Horse age
  • Your age
  • How many years in 4-H
  • How many years in the Horse Project
  • Horse breed
  • 4-H clover, optional
  • What events you are in
  • What is your favorite event
  • Unique fact about your horse

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Horse Workout Cancelled

The Wednesday Night Horse Workout Cancelled for tonight (5/25) due to too much rain and mud and yuck.
See you next Wednesday – June 1st  at 5:30 at the Cresco Saddle Club Arena.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Way to GO Team Howard County!!

2011 Team Howard County at Horse Jamboree
19 Senior and Junior members of Team Howard County represented Howard County in Ames this past weekend at the 2011 4H Horse Jamboree.  That is an INCREDIBLE number of participants representing our county!!

This was Team Howard County's 3rd year attending Horse Jamboree and every year gets better than the previous year.  We've got a great bunch of kids that know an great amount of information about horses and the equine world and we are all VERY proud of everyone who participated in all of the Team Howard County meetings and events.

A big Thank You to the leaders of the Howard County Horse Project group - Darlene Vsetecka, Barb Reicks and Tess Kennon.  Also greatly appreciated are the parents -- without your support this wouldn't have been possible. 

The 2011 Team Howard County Horse Jamboree Team was:

  • Brady Foster
    •  Photo - Blue ribbon
    • Hippology - Senior Team participant
  • Kate Grover
    •  Individual Demonstration - Reserve Champion, 2nd place
    • Hippology - Senior Team participant
    • Quiz Bowl - Senior Team, 5th place
  • Shay Peckham
    • Photo - Champion, 1st place
    • Hippology - Senior Team participant
  • Stephanie Reicks
    •  Photo - Reserve Champion, 2nd place
    • Individual Demonstration - Purple ribbon
    • Hippology - Senior Team participant
    • Quiz Bowl - Senior Team, 5th place
  • Rachel Stika
    •  Photo - Purple ribbon
    • Poetry - Reserve Champion, 2nd place
    • Crafts - zPurple ribbon
    • Hippology - Senior Team participant
    • Quiz Bowl - Senior Team, 5th place
  • Andie Vsetecka
    • Individual Demonstration - Champion, 1st place
    • Hippology - Senior Team participant
    • Quiz Bowl - Senior Team, 5th place
  • Emi Frohn
    • Photo - Blue ribbon
    • Poster - Blur ribbon
    • Public Speaking - Champion, 1st place
    • Hippology - Junior Team, 5th place
    • Hippology - Junior Individual, 7th place
    • Quiz Bowl - Junior Team, 4th place
  • Hallie Frohn
    • Poster - Champion, 1st place
    • Hippology - Junior Team participant
    • Quiz Bowl - Junior Team participant
  • Judd Grover
    • Individual Demonstration - Reserve Champion, 2nd place
    • Hippology - Junior Team participant
    • Quiz Bowl - Junior Team participant
  • Thea Hartzell
    • Poster - Blue ribbon
    • Hippology - Junior Team, 5th place
    • Quiz Bowl - Junior Team, 4th place
  • Cassie Hosek
    • Photo - Red ribbon
    • Poster - Purple ribbon
    • Craft - Champion, 1st place
    • Hippology - Junior Team participant
    • Quiz Bowl - Junior Team participant
  • Abby Kennon
    • Photo - Blue ribbon
    • Poster - Blue ribbon
    • Craft - Blue ribbon
    • Poetry - Champion, 1st place
    • Hippology - Junior Team, 5th place
    • Quiz Bowl - Junior Team, 4th place
  • Cassy Kennon
    • Photo - Blue ribbon
    • Poster - Blue ribbon
    • Craft - Purple ribbon
    • Model Horse show
  • Natalie Knobloch
    • Photo - Champion, 1st place
    • Poster - Champion, 1st place
    • Craft - Champion, 1st place
    • Hippology - Junior Team, 5th place
    • Quiz Bowl - Junior Team, 4th place
  • Autumn Krofton
    •  Model Horse show
  • Maddy Kuhn
    •  Picture - Blue ribbon
    • Hippology - Junior Team participant
  • McKenzie Mork
    •  Photo - Blue ribbon
    • Hippology - Junior Team participant
    • Quiz Bowl - Junior Team participant
  • Kristen Reicks
    •  Photo - Blue ribbon
    • Hippology - Junior Team participant
  • Karissa Stika
    • Photo - Blue ribbon
    • Poster - Purple ribbon
    • Short Story - Champion, 1st place
    • Hippology  - Junior Team participant
    • Quiz Bowl - Junior Team participant

For ISU's official results and more information about Horse Jamboree use this link - 2011 ISU Horse Jamboree Results 

**If any of the information above is incorrect or there is information missing please contact Lisa at to submit corrections.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jamboree! Are you Ready??

Only a few more days until Team Howard County heads down to Ames for the 2011 4H Horse Jamboree.

The excitement is mounting...the glue is flying...the presentations are being finalized....and the model horses are getting all spiffed up for their trip down the runway. Ok, maybe not so much stress for the model horses but their human counterparts certainly are looking forward to all the fun, excitement and equine education that is Horse Jamboree!!!

Officially, the schedule can be found on the 4H Horse Jamboree site. Unofficially, Saturday is an exhausting - but fun filled - day for the 4Hers and a day of visiting and waiting for the adults. Hippology and Project/Presentation Day keeps the participants very busy with Hippology in the morning for Seniors and afternoon for the Juniors. In between all the Hippology fun each age group have presentations and speeches to give. They also sit down with the judges for their various projects - photos, posters, wood carvings, drawings, and poems - to communicate to the judge the who, what, where and why of their submissions. The day ends (hopefully after being entertained with the Kildee Hall Rain Dance by our very own Darlene & Vanette) with awards for each project/presentation area and Hippology.

Then it's back to the hotels to rest up (Yes, 4Hers, I said rest and not run around like monkeys!) for Sunday....Sunday...Sunday!!

Sunday is the Model Horse Show and Quiz Bowl.
   The Model Horse show is far from a glitzy runway with shallow equine Christy Brinkley's strutting their stuff. It's actually a great horse-less way to show horses and learn more about the correct horse conformation for each breed. Last year, Team Howard County had one participant in this area and she did really well. This year there will be 2 participants - Go T.H.C.!!
   The Quiz Bowl competition is as fun and exciting as it is stressful. Teams of Juniors and Seniors compete against each other in a quiz bowl setting complete with buzzers and scientific nomenclature. T.H.C. has been learning and practicing and practicing and learning since late last year. They are SO ready for this competition that ISU has agreed that T.H.C. can bring their own Staples EASY buttons to use since every question will be so EASY!!

Ok - maybe not every question....but most of them.  Besides, the idea of Horse Jamboree isn't to come home with the most ribbons and awards. 4H Horse Jamboree has 4 purposes:
1. Have FUN
3. Make new friends
5. Challenge yourself

So...finish up those posters, finalize your speeches and get those model horses shined up. (Oh - and don't forget your goals sheets, black T.H.C. vests and 1 colored long sleeve shirt and 1 white long sleeved shirt.)

See you Saturday!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Tonight's meeting is being postponed due to the expected weather. 

The next meeting is
5:30-7:00 PM

We'll have pizza, so bring $2 and something to drink.   See you there!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Forms Due

If you have not already turned in the following for Jamboree, please bring them with you to the Tuesday 3/1 meeting:
  1. Entry forms
  2. Money for events and projects you are entering
  3. Entries for Creative Writing

Horse Jamboree starts at 8:00 am on Saturday (3/26) and ends sometime Sunday afternoon (3/27).  Jamboree is in Ames and we have reserved a block of hotel rooms.  We will be discussing transportation to Ames and hotel rooms in upcoming meetings, so please be thinking about these.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend and help support Team Howard County!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Forms and Projects Due SOON

At the next meeting, 2/22, please bring:
  • The informational form/questionnaire for our group that was sent home
  • Registration forms for Horse Jamboree
  • Forms for any projects that you are entering
  • Entry fees and fees for any projects that you are entering
*If you will be entering any Creative Writing projects (poetry,  essay or short story) those need to be turned in ASAP.  They need to be sent in by our extension office to ISU by Tuesday 3/1. 

All other projects - the actual project itself - will be turned in the first morning of Jamboree (Saturday 3/26).  Please start working on those so that they are ready and so that you can bring them to a meeting in March for the group to critique.

We also passed out an informational form for you to complete and return at the next meeting on 2/22.  This form tells us the project areas you will be entering, if you need a vest and hotel accommodations.   All very important information so that we can make sure everything goes smoothly at Jamboree.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Tonight's meeting has been canceled due to weather.

If you have some extra time today (after you've made sure that your equine friends outside are well taken care of, of course) check out the links on the blog or find a comfy spot and spend some time going through all the great information in your binders!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Leg Anatomy

Jeff Carolan
Tuesday evening, 1/25, Jeff "Paco" Carolan was our guest speaker.  Jeff is a local farrier who has been trimming and shoeing horses in the area for over 11 years.  Jeff brought along 2 preserved horse legs from RCTC, different styles and sizes of shoes and his farrier tools.

The group reviewed leg anatomy using the preserved legs and posters that Jeff brought with him.  We also learned about different shoes and when to use them.  Next we learned about diseases of the legs and hooves.  Navicular, laminitis and white line disease were just some of the diseases affecting legs and feet that we discussed.
Jeff goes over leg anatomy
Jeff also talked to the group about the tools that farriers use.  We learned the proper names for each tool and what each tool is used for.  This was great practice for the Hippology portion of Horse Jamboree that the kids will go through in March.

Thanks, Jeff, for a great discussion and teaching us more about leg and foot anatomy and farriers.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 18th Meeting

The agenda for the Tuesday January 18th meeting included three guest speakers, some demonstrations and visual aids, and (of course) FUN! Our guest speakers were Carmen Milliren and Kate and Brian Speer.

Carmen Milliren, a former 4-Her, who now trains and shows horses in English and dressage and gives English lessons, covered all things English. She brought with two different kinds of saddles; dressage and jumper. She explained the difference between the two and showed us the different parts. Then she explained the different jumping events, for example, cross country. She passed around different bits and we learned how they work and what their names are too. Thanks Carmen! We really enjoyed having you talk to us!

Kate Speer securing a mantie
Next up was Brian and Kate Speer. They came to talk about mules and packing. Brian showed us different parts of the pack saddle and Kate showed us how to mantie our gear. They shared with us the basics of packing, how important balance is, and packing trips they’ve taken to the mountains of Wyoming. Equipment and it being used safely on the animal was another little interesting bit. Thanks Brian and Kate! We enjoyed learning about packing!

Brian Speer explaining proper packing

Afterward we had a quick tack game and everyone was headed home.  Don't forget, next week - the 25th - Jeff Carolan will be our guest speaker on hoof and leg anatomy and may have a very interesting visual aid for us.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day Camp - Learning & Fun!

Steph Reicks welcoming everyone

16 Howard County 4-Hers attended the first ever Team Howard County Horse Project Day Camp on Tuesday, 12/28.

The day camp, organized by Andie Vsetecka and Steph Reicks, was a great way for 4-Hers in Howard county to get together to learn more about horses and the 4-H Horse Jamboree competition coming up in March 2011.

Participants started the day out by taking a tour of Featherlite, hosted by their National Sales Manager, Randy Lewis.  Randy had 3 different types of livestock and horse trailers for us to look at and answered all of the group's great questions about trailer designs and uses.  Thanks, Randy!!

Then it was back to the Cresco Public Library for more horse talk.  The afternoon started off with a mock Quiz Bowl - much like the one that participants will compete in at the 4-H Horse Jamboree in Ames, March 26-27.  3 teams of 5 went up against each other answering questions ranging from veterinarian-stumping horse anatomy and genetics questions to basic horse information that all horse owners should know.

Tim Christopher explaining harness parts
Next up was the guest speaker, Tim Christopher.  Tim uses Mules on his farm, breaks and trains horses and also makes and sells harnesses, saddles and other tack from his workshop.  He talked to the group about mules and drafts and explained the harnesses used on different types of horses and mules doing different types of work all across the U.S.  Tim even shared his notebook with drawings and notes from his mule and horse related experiences traveling throughout the U.S.  Tim is full of information about horses and mules and the group really enjoyed listening to him.  Thanks, Tim!!

The participants finished off the day by diving into horse anatomy.  5 stations were set up using the laminated posters from the Horse Learning Laboratory Kit the horse project owns.  These laminated posters range from basic anatomy to skeletal and hoof anatomy.  One side shows the "answers" and the other side has velcro places for 4-Hers to place the names of the different parts.  This kit is a great resource.

The Day Camp was a great success with lots of fun and learning and hopefully will continue on for years to come.  A huge thank you goes out to Steph and Andie for coming up with the idea and for organizing and leading it, a big thank you to everyone that participated and (last but not least) another big thank you  to the leaders and parents that support all of these kids so that they can learn and grow through horses and 4-H!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Timing is Everything!

Team Howard County Horse Jamboree Meeting Schedule:
  • Christmas Break
    • Tues 12/28 Day Camp 10am to 4pm at the Library
    • Tues 1/4 Meeting 2pm to 4pm at the Library
  • Regular Meetings
    • Starting Tuesday 1/11 and every Tuesday up to 3/22
    • 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
    • All meetings (except the 2/22 & 3/1 meetings) will be at the Cresco Public Library
**Don't forget to bring a piece of tack with you to each meeting

Hitchin' Our Hinny Day Camp

Hope everyone is registered for our first ever Team Howard County Day Camp!

The camp will be held on Tuesday 12/28 from 10:00-4:00 at the Cresco Public Library.

We'll be taking a tour of Featherlite, listening to our guest speakers -- Tim Christopher and Tammy Helmers  -- talk about mules, horses and hauling horses, playing some games, making some horse treats and going through a mock Horse Jamboree Quiz Bowl.  It's going to be a busy, fun-packed day!!

                                                                       Hope to see you there!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Horse Judging Contest Results!

Congratulations to Team Howard County!!
Howard County participated in the State 4H judging contest on November 6th in Iowa Falls at the Ellsworth Equestrian Center. The competition included more than 60 4H members from around the state. The contestants participated as individuals and as teams of Junior and Senior 4H members.
the placings are divided out by
1. Placings ( correct placing of the class)
2. Oral reasons where the 4H member has to defend his/her placing to a judge and is judged on content, poise, and accuracy of their presentation.
3. Overall – is the combination of 1 and 2

The participants are competing both as individuals and teams for these categories.

The following youth participated in the contest: ( I only have the top 20 placing)
Seniors as individuals
Andie Vsetecka finished 7th in placings and 15th overall
This senior team finished 5th Placings, Oral reasons and overall
Members were
Andie Vsetecka
Steph Reicks
Rachel Stika
Shea Peckham

Kate Grover finished 1st in placing, 1st in oral reasons, and 1st overall
Emi Frohn finished 10 in placings and 14th overall
Natalie Knobloch finished 3rd in placings and 7th overall
Abigale Kennon finished 10th in oral reasons
Judd Grover finished 8th in placings and 11th overall

We had 2 junior teams competing

Junior team Green
Emi Frohn
Kate Grover
Thea Hatzel
This team finished 1st in placings, 6th in reasons and 4th overall
Junior team White
Judd Grover
Abigale Kennon
Natalie Knobloch
This team finished 4th in placings, 5th in reasons and 6th overall

Sunday, November 21, 2010

2011 Horse Jamboree Practice Starting Soon......

It's time to start practicing for the 2011 4-H Horse Jamboree!  The first meeting will be Tuesday December 14th at the Extension office in Cresco.  5:30 pm start time.

We'll welcome all new members, go over the practice schedule, discuss the Team Howard County Day Camp and even dig right in and start working on Breeds of Horses with Darlene.  Look for more information coming out in the 4-H newsletter and also emails out to remind current members.

4-H Horse Jamboree is a 2 day event held each spring in Ames, on the Iowa State campus. This year's event will be March 26-27.  4-H members compete as individuals and teams in different events such as quiz bowl and hippology.  Additionally, 4-hers can also compete in anything from the Toy Horse Show to entering horse related projects, such as photos, stories or drawings.  There are also opportunities for 4-Hers to present horse related communications projects such as speeches, presentations or team presentations.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend the Team Howard County Horse Project practice meetings, so encourage all of your friends to come see what it's all about.  Members don't have to own a horse or even know anything about horses.  The whole idea is to learn more about everything to do with horses.

Hope to see you there!!!