Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jamboree! Are you Ready??

Only a few more days until Team Howard County heads down to Ames for the 2011 4H Horse Jamboree.

The excitement is mounting...the glue is flying...the presentations are being finalized....and the model horses are getting all spiffed up for their trip down the runway. Ok, maybe not so much stress for the model horses but their human counterparts certainly are looking forward to all the fun, excitement and equine education that is Horse Jamboree!!!

Officially, the schedule can be found on the 4H Horse Jamboree site. Unofficially, Saturday is an exhausting - but fun filled - day for the 4Hers and a day of visiting and waiting for the adults. Hippology and Project/Presentation Day keeps the participants very busy with Hippology in the morning for Seniors and afternoon for the Juniors. In between all the Hippology fun each age group have presentations and speeches to give. They also sit down with the judges for their various projects - photos, posters, wood carvings, drawings, and poems - to communicate to the judge the who, what, where and why of their submissions. The day ends (hopefully after being entertained with the Kildee Hall Rain Dance by our very own Darlene & Vanette) with awards for each project/presentation area and Hippology.

Then it's back to the hotels to rest up (Yes, 4Hers, I said rest and not run around like monkeys!) for Sunday....Sunday...Sunday!!

Sunday is the Model Horse Show and Quiz Bowl.
   The Model Horse show is far from a glitzy runway with shallow equine Christy Brinkley's strutting their stuff. It's actually a great horse-less way to show horses and learn more about the correct horse conformation for each breed. Last year, Team Howard County had one participant in this area and she did really well. This year there will be 2 participants - Go T.H.C.!!
   The Quiz Bowl competition is as fun and exciting as it is stressful. Teams of Juniors and Seniors compete against each other in a quiz bowl setting complete with buzzers and scientific nomenclature. T.H.C. has been learning and practicing and practicing and learning since late last year. They are SO ready for this competition that ISU has agreed that T.H.C. can bring their own Staples EASY buttons to use since every question will be so EASY!!

Ok - maybe not every question....but most of them.  Besides, the idea of Horse Jamboree isn't to come home with the most ribbons and awards. 4H Horse Jamboree has 4 purposes:
1. Have FUN
3. Make new friends
5. Challenge yourself

So...finish up those posters, finalize your speeches and get those model horses shined up. (Oh - and don't forget your goals sheets, black T.H.C. vests and 1 colored long sleeve shirt and 1 white long sleeved shirt.)

See you Saturday!!!

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