Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day Camp - Learning & Fun!

Steph Reicks welcoming everyone

16 Howard County 4-Hers attended the first ever Team Howard County Horse Project Day Camp on Tuesday, 12/28.

The day camp, organized by Andie Vsetecka and Steph Reicks, was a great way for 4-Hers in Howard county to get together to learn more about horses and the 4-H Horse Jamboree competition coming up in March 2011.

Participants started the day out by taking a tour of Featherlite, hosted by their National Sales Manager, Randy Lewis.  Randy had 3 different types of livestock and horse trailers for us to look at and answered all of the group's great questions about trailer designs and uses.  Thanks, Randy!!

Then it was back to the Cresco Public Library for more horse talk.  The afternoon started off with a mock Quiz Bowl - much like the one that participants will compete in at the 4-H Horse Jamboree in Ames, March 26-27.  3 teams of 5 went up against each other answering questions ranging from veterinarian-stumping horse anatomy and genetics questions to basic horse information that all horse owners should know.

Tim Christopher explaining harness parts
Next up was the guest speaker, Tim Christopher.  Tim uses Mules on his farm, breaks and trains horses and also makes and sells harnesses, saddles and other tack from his workshop.  He talked to the group about mules and drafts and explained the harnesses used on different types of horses and mules doing different types of work all across the U.S.  Tim even shared his notebook with drawings and notes from his mule and horse related experiences traveling throughout the U.S.  Tim is full of information about horses and mules and the group really enjoyed listening to him.  Thanks, Tim!!

The participants finished off the day by diving into horse anatomy.  5 stations were set up using the laminated posters from the Horse Learning Laboratory Kit the horse project owns.  These laminated posters range from basic anatomy to skeletal and hoof anatomy.  One side shows the "answers" and the other side has velcro places for 4-Hers to place the names of the different parts.  This kit is a great resource.

The Day Camp was a great success with lots of fun and learning and hopefully will continue on for years to come.  A huge thank you goes out to Steph and Andie for coming up with the idea and for organizing and leading it, a big thank you to everyone that participated and (last but not least) another big thank you  to the leaders and parents that support all of these kids so that they can learn and grow through horses and 4-H!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Timing is Everything!

Team Howard County Horse Jamboree Meeting Schedule:
  • Christmas Break
    • Tues 12/28 Day Camp 10am to 4pm at the Library
    • Tues 1/4 Meeting 2pm to 4pm at the Library
  • Regular Meetings
    • Starting Tuesday 1/11 and every Tuesday up to 3/22
    • 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
    • All meetings (except the 2/22 & 3/1 meetings) will be at the Cresco Public Library
**Don't forget to bring a piece of tack with you to each meeting

Hitchin' Our Hinny Day Camp

Hope everyone is registered for our first ever Team Howard County Day Camp!

The camp will be held on Tuesday 12/28 from 10:00-4:00 at the Cresco Public Library.

We'll be taking a tour of Featherlite, listening to our guest speakers -- Tim Christopher and Tammy Helmers  -- talk about mules, horses and hauling horses, playing some games, making some horse treats and going through a mock Horse Jamboree Quiz Bowl.  It's going to be a busy, fun-packed day!!

                                                                       Hope to see you there!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Horse Judging Contest Results!

Congratulations to Team Howard County!!
Howard County participated in the State 4H judging contest on November 6th in Iowa Falls at the Ellsworth Equestrian Center. The competition included more than 60 4H members from around the state. The contestants participated as individuals and as teams of Junior and Senior 4H members.
the placings are divided out by
1. Placings ( correct placing of the class)
2. Oral reasons where the 4H member has to defend his/her placing to a judge and is judged on content, poise, and accuracy of their presentation.
3. Overall – is the combination of 1 and 2

The participants are competing both as individuals and teams for these categories.

The following youth participated in the contest: ( I only have the top 20 placing)
Seniors as individuals
Andie Vsetecka finished 7th in placings and 15th overall
This senior team finished 5th Placings, Oral reasons and overall
Members were
Andie Vsetecka
Steph Reicks
Rachel Stika
Shea Peckham

Kate Grover finished 1st in placing, 1st in oral reasons, and 1st overall
Emi Frohn finished 10 in placings and 14th overall
Natalie Knobloch finished 3rd in placings and 7th overall
Abigale Kennon finished 10th in oral reasons
Judd Grover finished 8th in placings and 11th overall

We had 2 junior teams competing

Junior team Green
Emi Frohn
Kate Grover
Thea Hatzel
This team finished 1st in placings, 6th in reasons and 4th overall
Junior team White
Judd Grover
Abigale Kennon
Natalie Knobloch
This team finished 4th in placings, 5th in reasons and 6th overall

Sunday, November 21, 2010

2011 Horse Jamboree Practice Starting Soon......

It's time to start practicing for the 2011 4-H Horse Jamboree!  The first meeting will be Tuesday December 14th at the Extension office in Cresco.  5:30 pm start time.

We'll welcome all new members, go over the practice schedule, discuss the Team Howard County Day Camp and even dig right in and start working on Breeds of Horses with Darlene.  Look for more information coming out in the 4-H newsletter and also emails out to remind current members.

4-H Horse Jamboree is a 2 day event held each spring in Ames, on the Iowa State campus. This year's event will be March 26-27.  4-H members compete as individuals and teams in different events such as quiz bowl and hippology.  Additionally, 4-hers can also compete in anything from the Toy Horse Show to entering horse related projects, such as photos, stories or drawings.  There are also opportunities for 4-Hers to present horse related communications projects such as speeches, presentations or team presentations.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend the Team Howard County Horse Project practice meetings, so encourage all of your friends to come see what it's all about.  Members don't have to own a horse or even know anything about horses.  The whole idea is to learn more about everything to do with horses.

Hope to see you there!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

links to halter powerpoint presentations

Texas A&M Online horse judging - many classes

More powerpoints for halter practice;jsessionid=24D72C3C20125BB2F33C15602DE101BD


Links to horse games and powerpoints

Below are links to a variety of games and powerpoints you can access to use for your "Homework" for the week of 10/4/10

Home work assignment -
Seniors prepare a set of reasons for 4 horses in any halter class
Juniors prepare a set of reasons for any 2 horses in a halter class

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Let the FUN Begin!

First Horse Project Judging Meeting 9/20/10

The first meeting was held Monday 9/27 in the Extension office.  We practiced judging several different classes of horses and worked on giving oral reasons.  Everyone did a great job and we're going to have some very talented participants from Howard County at the competition in November. 

Remember to tell other 4-Hers in the area, that you think might be interested, about our meetings.  Horse judging not only teaches you more about horses, it also helps build your communication and reasoning we have a LOT of FUN!!

The next meeting is MONDAY 9/27 in the Extension office from 5:30 - 7 pm.  We'll have pizza, so bring your $2 and something to drink.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Horse Judging Meetings Start!

Welcome back to horse judging meetings!
Please invite anyone that you think would be interested.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the following dates

Monday Sept 13 6 to 7 new members and welcome back! @ Farm Bureau
Monday Sept 20 5:30 to 7 @ Extension Office

Monday Sept 27 5:30 to 7 @ Extension Office

Monday Oct 4 5:30 to 7 @ Farm Bureau

Monday Oct 11 5:30 to 7 @ Farm Bureau

Sunday Oct 17 4 to 5:30 @ Extension Office

Monday Oct 25 5:30 to 7 @ Extension Office

Tues Nov 2 5:30 to 7 @ Farm Bureau

Monday, July 26, 2010

Horse judging Coming SOON

It is time once again to start thinking about horse judging! see the updated link on the right

We have had so much fun and have learned so much over the past 2 years I am excited to get going again this year!! Please pass this information on to any interested 4H’rs!

The best news is they have moved this contest back to November 6 AND it is closer to home! This year it will be held at Ellsworth Community College Equestrian Center, Iowa Falls, IA

I am thinking we will start Monday night sessions again in September

Tentative dates are

September 13, 20, 27

October 4, 11, 18, 25

November 1

That gives us 8 sessions prior to the contest – sound ok to all of you?

See you soon!!!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wednesday June 9 workout starting at 6PM

If the weather cooperates...
For this weeks workout -we will be having a horse show/clinic officiated by Aimee Rieland from Spring Valley Minnesota
Please be ready at 6PM for showmanship classes followed by western pleasure and horsemanship , and English pleasure and equitation for those interested. Those not participating in English classes will be practicing trail

no special dress required this is a clinic to help you see how the actual show will go at the fair and also to let Aimee give you some pointers!!

I hope to see you all tomorrow night!!

Dont forget drill team at 5PM - I think flags will be added this week yipee!!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Horse clinic rescheduled due to weather!!

Tonights clinic with Rose Dykstra on natural horsemanship is going to have to be cancelled due to the severe weather heading our way.

We will reschedule for thursday this week June 3rd  5:30pm at the Cresco Saddle Club arena  -

ALSO we will be watching the weather for tomorrow nights workout as well..

We do have a mock clinic/show scheuduled for next week wednesday June 9th during our regular work out time.   We will have a visiting judge here to help us with that. Her name is Aimee Rieland, she has shown and trained pleasure horses for many years and is an excellent resource for us!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

barrel Clinic

We had a wonderful day at the 4H barrel clinic today (Saturday May 22). Lots of new techniques learned, and some nice barrel runs.  The weather was awesome and we had a great turn out of kids. Thanks to Wendy for all her help!!  The fastest time turned in on the second run was by Kate Grover, the most improved rider/horse of the day was Shianne Throndson, with the runner up as Steph Riecks.

The link to the barrel runs are below. - These are posted on YouTube under user name Howardcountyiowa.
have a look..

See you all on Wednesday night at the Cresco Saddle Club Arena - there is new sand in the arena and it looks great!!
Drill team - 5pm
everyone else 6pm

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Horse Workout Wednesday 5/12/10

Well – I think it is a little too wet and cold for horse workouts tonight …

I would like everyone to come for about an hour of rock picking(without horses) – we have one more round of picking to do and then the saddle club will put on a layer of sand on top of the current sand in the arena – if we get them picked now, they won’t keep popping up on the new sand!!

So – hopefully I will see all of you tonight at 530 or 6 for a short rock picking night.

Hope for better weather next week!!

Darlene Vsetecka 641-330-7187

Friday, April 2, 2010

Celebration Party!!

For horse learning workshops participants and familes!!

Wednesday April 14th at Mabes Pizza in Cresco
All you can eat pop and pizza buffet $6 for adults, $5 for kids 12 and under

Bring your ribbons from the Jamboree!!

featuring a quiz bowl between parents and kids!!

Winning photos

Emi Frohn - Junior 1st place

Steph Reicks Senior 1st place

Horseless Horse projects Jamboree 2010

Autumn - Model Horse Show

Seniors - horseless horse projects

Junior Horseless horse projects

Hippology teams

Junior Howard County #1

Junior Howard County #2 - 4th place!! and Thea - 5th place individual overall! wow!!

Senior Howard County

Horse Jamboree Results!!

Well a big congratulations to EVERYONE who participated in teh horse jamboree 2010!!

The following is a list of results

Abby Kennon 5th place in hippology team and quiz bowl team, Blue ribbon in individual demonstration, photography, and poster

Autumn Crofton Particpated in the model horse show earning 2 first place, one 3rd place, and two 4th place ribbons

Emi Frohn 5th place in hippology team, 3rd place individual hippology, participated in quiz bowl team, 1st place in junior photography, 1st place in junior poster

Judd Grover 4th place in quiz bowl team, blue ribbon in drawing beginner

Karisa Stika Participated in hippology, 4th place in quiz bowl team, blue ribbon for creative writing beginner

Kate Grover 5th place in hippology team, participated in quiz bowl, 1st place in junior individual demonstration

Natalie Knobloch 5th place in hippology team and participated in quiz bowl team 1st place in junior crafts and woodworking division, 1st place in junior poster, blue ribbon in crafts, and woodworking, red ribbon in junior individual demonstration

Skye Meinecke Participated in hippology and 4th place in quiz bowl team Blue ribbons in junior photography and poster

Thea Hartzel Participated in hippology team, 4th place quiz bowl team and 5th place individual in quiz bowl, red ribbon in poster


Andie Vsetecka Participated in hippology and quiz bowl team, 1st place in senior poster, 1st place in senior public speaking - earned a trip to western national round up

Lindsey Anderson participated in hippology and quiz bowl

Maddi Friedrich participated in hippology and quiz bowl team, 3rd purple in senior individual demonstration

Rachel Stika Participated in hippology and quiz bowl team, 1st place in creative writing senior

Shay Peckham Participated in hippology, blue ribbon in senior photography

Steph Reicks Participated in hippology and quiz bowl team 1st place in senior photography, red ribbon in senior painting

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jamboree Registration forms

Reminder that you need to complete entry forms and pay $6.00 per entry for ALL activites that you will be participating in at the Horse Jamboree on March 27 &28.
These includes:
Creative Writing
Petry/short story
Photography (reminder this needs to be sent in by March 1 - please bring them to the meeting)
Model horse
Demonstration (individual or team) - with visual aids - like an educational presentation at Spring Fair
Public Speaking - no visual aids

The Hippology and Quiz bowl also require $7.00 each event and an entry form completed  - I will complete the entry forms and put the teams together and let you know next week which team you will be participating on at the March 1 meeting

Remember that all entry forms require payment -
indiviual activities listed above are $6.00 per entry
Hippology and Quiz Bowl are $7.00 per entry
Please bring money to Monday March 1 meeting so that we can get you entered into the events offered

See you at the Extension office - March 1 6pm-8pm for more horse fun!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Horse meeting re-scheduled to Thursday 6-8

Due to weather (AGAIN!! YIKES)
meeting re-scheudeld to Thursday 6-8 at the Extension office

we will be having stations on different parts of the horse, tack, lots of fun activities!!

in the mean time - practice those flash cards!

Also remember
think about the events you want to enter by next week
the horse clinic this saturday in Cedar Rapids

Monday, February 8, 2010


Due to the weather - we will have to cancel the horse meeting scheduled for tonight.

Again - please use this time to review your flash cards and the links on this page to review horse parts etc.

Next week we are going to try to have a practice quiz bowl so come prepared!

I will also be asking for official names and events you want to enter at the horse jamboree.

Also VERY IMPORTANT - the Iowa Quarter Horse event in Cedar Rapids will be held on February 20 and 21st - we have some members that will be bringing horses, but I need to know ASAP if you are planning on attending this event and if you are interested in having a horse judging team!
Please call me or send me an email at if you are interested. we will be needing adult drivers too! There is an open show on Sunday and those bringing horses should plan on participating - there is a fee for entry see the link on the right for details.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Due to the winter storm advisory tonights (1/25/10) horse project meeting is CANCELLED

please use this time to review the information in your notebooks! and dont forget to practice the parts of the horse available on the links on the right.

I have the flash cards printed and we will plan on getting started using them next week.

the flashcard sets cost $11 each set. I would really like each member (or family) to get a set to practice with. I know this is a cost we werent expecting, so we need to discuss some possibilities on how to pay for them. Please come to the meeting next week with some ideas on how we can raise some $$ to pay for the cards. (bake sale, raffle, donations etc.)

See you next week!