Monday, November 29, 2010

Horse Judging Contest Results!

Congratulations to Team Howard County!!
Howard County participated in the State 4H judging contest on November 6th in Iowa Falls at the Ellsworth Equestrian Center. The competition included more than 60 4H members from around the state. The contestants participated as individuals and as teams of Junior and Senior 4H members.
the placings are divided out by
1. Placings ( correct placing of the class)
2. Oral reasons where the 4H member has to defend his/her placing to a judge and is judged on content, poise, and accuracy of their presentation.
3. Overall – is the combination of 1 and 2

The participants are competing both as individuals and teams for these categories.

The following youth participated in the contest: ( I only have the top 20 placing)
Seniors as individuals
Andie Vsetecka finished 7th in placings and 15th overall
This senior team finished 5th Placings, Oral reasons and overall
Members were
Andie Vsetecka
Steph Reicks
Rachel Stika
Shea Peckham

Kate Grover finished 1st in placing, 1st in oral reasons, and 1st overall
Emi Frohn finished 10 in placings and 14th overall
Natalie Knobloch finished 3rd in placings and 7th overall
Abigale Kennon finished 10th in oral reasons
Judd Grover finished 8th in placings and 11th overall

We had 2 junior teams competing

Junior team Green
Emi Frohn
Kate Grover
Thea Hatzel
This team finished 1st in placings, 6th in reasons and 4th overall
Junior team White
Judd Grover
Abigale Kennon
Natalie Knobloch
This team finished 4th in placings, 5th in reasons and 6th overall

Sunday, November 21, 2010

2011 Horse Jamboree Practice Starting Soon......

It's time to start practicing for the 2011 4-H Horse Jamboree!  The first meeting will be Tuesday December 14th at the Extension office in Cresco.  5:30 pm start time.

We'll welcome all new members, go over the practice schedule, discuss the Team Howard County Day Camp and even dig right in and start working on Breeds of Horses with Darlene.  Look for more information coming out in the 4-H newsletter and also emails out to remind current members.

4-H Horse Jamboree is a 2 day event held each spring in Ames, on the Iowa State campus. This year's event will be March 26-27.  4-H members compete as individuals and teams in different events such as quiz bowl and hippology.  Additionally, 4-hers can also compete in anything from the Toy Horse Show to entering horse related projects, such as photos, stories or drawings.  There are also opportunities for 4-Hers to present horse related communications projects such as speeches, presentations or team presentations.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend the Team Howard County Horse Project practice meetings, so encourage all of your friends to come see what it's all about.  Members don't have to own a horse or even know anything about horses.  The whole idea is to learn more about everything to do with horses.

Hope to see you there!!!