Friday, October 9, 2009

Horse Jamboree

Many of you have asked when the Jamboree will be scheduled - as of yet we do not have a date however it will likely be held in late March or early April. More to follow on that!
the jamboree consists of many events - Hippology, quiz bowl, speech, presentations, posters, photographs, and others

We will start our preparation at least 2 months prior to the date set for the jamboree so tentatively Mid to late January

remember to invite your 4H friends to this - even if they don't want to compete - it is still a great place to learn more about horses!!

Horse Judging Results 2009

WOW!! and WOW!! again
I am so proud of all of the participants at the horse judging competition!!
You all acted very professional, were confident and did AWESOME!!
so lets note some big accomplishments!!
Junior Team
1st place reasons
2nd place placings
1st place OVERALL
Junior Individuals
Kate Grover:
1st place reasons- 6th place placings- 2nd place overall
Emi Frohn: 2nd place reasons - 7th place placings - 3rd place overall
Abbi Kennon: 4th place reasons - 4th place placings - 5th place overall
Jordan Grube: 6th place reasons - 13th place placings - 10th place overall
Shianne Throndson: 10th place reasons - 12th place placings - 11th place overall
Natalie Knoboch: 8th place reasons - 18th place placings - 12th place overall
Skye Meineke: 3rd place questions - 8th place placings
Senior Team
5th place reasons
4th place placings
5th place overall
Senior Individuals
Courtney Reinhart: 19th place reasons - 4th place placings - 14th place overall
Andie Vsetecka: 15th place reasons - 16th place placings - 15th place overall
Stephanie Reicks: 18th place reasons - 13th place placings - 16th place overall
Lindsey Anderson: 20th place reasons - 19th place placings - 19th place overall

just an FYI to all senior team members - one member mismarked her card in trail or the senior team would have ended up 2nd in placings and 4th overall!!! - a good learning experience - double check your cards before you turn them in!
You all did an amazing job - remember we are all still new at this competition and are continuing to learn as we go...

congratulations on a really good showing for everyone!!