Thursday, January 27, 2011

Leg Anatomy

Jeff Carolan
Tuesday evening, 1/25, Jeff "Paco" Carolan was our guest speaker.  Jeff is a local farrier who has been trimming and shoeing horses in the area for over 11 years.  Jeff brought along 2 preserved horse legs from RCTC, different styles and sizes of shoes and his farrier tools.

The group reviewed leg anatomy using the preserved legs and posters that Jeff brought with him.  We also learned about different shoes and when to use them.  Next we learned about diseases of the legs and hooves.  Navicular, laminitis and white line disease were just some of the diseases affecting legs and feet that we discussed.
Jeff goes over leg anatomy
Jeff also talked to the group about the tools that farriers use.  We learned the proper names for each tool and what each tool is used for.  This was great practice for the Hippology portion of Horse Jamboree that the kids will go through in March.

Thanks, Jeff, for a great discussion and teaching us more about leg and foot anatomy and farriers.

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