Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 18th Meeting

The agenda for the Tuesday January 18th meeting included three guest speakers, some demonstrations and visual aids, and (of course) FUN! Our guest speakers were Carmen Milliren and Kate and Brian Speer.

Carmen Milliren, a former 4-Her, who now trains and shows horses in English and dressage and gives English lessons, covered all things English. She brought with two different kinds of saddles; dressage and jumper. She explained the difference between the two and showed us the different parts. Then she explained the different jumping events, for example, cross country. She passed around different bits and we learned how they work and what their names are too. Thanks Carmen! We really enjoyed having you talk to us!

Kate Speer securing a mantie
Next up was Brian and Kate Speer. They came to talk about mules and packing. Brian showed us different parts of the pack saddle and Kate showed us how to mantie our gear. They shared with us the basics of packing, how important balance is, and packing trips they’ve taken to the mountains of Wyoming. Equipment and it being used safely on the animal was another little interesting bit. Thanks Brian and Kate! We enjoyed learning about packing!

Brian Speer explaining proper packing

Afterward we had a quick tack game and everyone was headed home.  Don't forget, next week - the 25th - Jeff Carolan will be our guest speaker on hoof and leg anatomy and may have a very interesting visual aid for us.

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