Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Forms and Projects Due SOON

At the next meeting, 2/22, please bring:
  • The informational form/questionnaire for our group that was sent home
  • Registration forms for Horse Jamboree
  • Forms for any projects that you are entering
  • Entry fees and fees for any projects that you are entering
*If you will be entering any Creative Writing projects (poetry,  essay or short story) those need to be turned in ASAP.  They need to be sent in by our extension office to ISU by Tuesday 3/1. 

All other projects - the actual project itself - will be turned in the first morning of Jamboree (Saturday 3/26).  Please start working on those so that they are ready and so that you can bring them to a meeting in March for the group to critique.

We also passed out an informational form for you to complete and return at the next meeting on 2/22.  This form tells us the project areas you will be entering, if you need a vest and hotel accommodations.   All very important information so that we can make sure everything goes smoothly at Jamboree.

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